My Writing


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So far this year I've written about

the conservative media, in a monthly print column for The New Republic,

Trump’s disgusting plan to fix homelessness by razing tent cities (The Nation),

the best things to do in the Queens neighborhoods of Ozone Park and Howard Beach (Gothamist),

Marianne Williamson and the conservatism of New Age spirituality (The Baffler),

the New York City charter reform commission and the Brooklyn-based Clifford movie (Brooklyn Eagle)

“mental health apps” and the individualistic language of modern therapy (The Baffler),

Kawhi Leonard’s free agency and the shaky state of NBA journalism (Pressland),

how and why cigarette companies rely on in-person “brand ambassadors” for marketing (Vox),

the growing movement to end housing discrimination against the formerly incarcerated (Curbed),

the American Institute of Architects hiring Eric Holder to help fix their diversity issues (Architectural Digest),

where and why we waste almost half our food (Popular Science, print only),

the law that hides police misconduct records in New York from public view (Brooklyn Eagle),

the shifting priorities of the Chicago Housing Authority, a follow-up to this investigation (South Side Weekly),

the hidden crisis of rural homelessness (The Nation),

the innumerable memoirs by 2020 presidential candidates (The Baffler),

Hudson Yards and the architecture of gentrification (The Point),

the history of how we build our roads (Popular Science),

and the Bronx teens who wrestle at the House of Glory wrestling gym (Vice).

In 2018 I wrote about

how Amazon HQ2 could displace immigrant communities in Arlington, Virginia,

the paradoxical “green airports” that choke the planet with carbon emissions,

New York City’s plan to deal with Amazon HQ2’s impact on the school system,

the impact of New York law that gives tenants free legal help in eviction cases,

science, fact-checking, and tidal formations I saw in Nova Scotia,

Bob Holden, the renegade NIMBY on the New York City Council,

an exhibition celebrating the idiosyncratic designers at Snarkitecture,

Bernie Sanders's plan to fix the Postal Service,

community mobilization against a Bushwick real estate development,

high-powered "safety lights" in NYCHA housing projects,

the labor shortage facing rural Postal Service mail carriers,

an exhibit about the architecture of the Manhattan Project,

a faculty unionization campaign at the University of Iowa

the best things to do in Corona, Queens and Stapleton, Staten Island,

the impact of Amazon's rise on US Postal Service workers,

the grotesque attempted execution of Doyle Lee Hamm in Alabama,

the controversial debate over the Bushwick rezoning,

the planned transformation of New York's Penn Station,

backlash against hotel homeless shelters in Sunset Park, Brooklyn,

and Robert Mueller, somewhat snarkily.


Before that, I wrote about

an anti-union campaign at Washington University in St. Louis that targeted undocumented students,

the need to humanize mass shooters, 

the anti-homeless sentiment in Queens that brought down a City Councilwoman,

the Manhattan District Attorney's long record of harshly punishing low-income defendants, 

the quixotic campaign of Marc Fliedner for Brooklyn District Attorney, 

the figure of the "progressive prosecutor" in that same District Attorney's race,

the terrors of a Mark Zuckerberg presidency

the hypocrisies of a New York Times event on Chicago's gun violence epidemic,

the deceptive practices of the Chicago Housing Authority

my personal relationship with the poetry of Pier Paolo Pasolini,.

the social service desert facing homeless youth on the South Side of Chicago,

the vanity and valor of book collecting,

the diminishing relevance of the Nation of Islam as a community organization on the South Side,

the struggles of Saint Sabina's Church to combat the South Side's crisis of disinvestment,

the dormant architectural legacy of Columbus, Indiana,

and the city of Chicago's losing battle against a rodent invasion.